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When I left school many years ago I also left behind my love of painting and drawing.  I remember winning competitions to design posters & christmas cards when I was young and I was proud of my creations. However, the creativity remained locked within for many years whilst career & bringing up children took priority.  I then started painting again some seven years ago after giving up my career to return to full time education.  Taking up a two-year full time Art & Design course was just the beginning of a long creative journey for me which I hope will continue for a long time to come!

I left college winning Student of the Year Award, and I was also delighted to have been presented with the prestigious Malcolm Kendal Award in recognition of my Art.  The following year I went on to win a further award, was shortlisted in a competition to exhibit in a Gallery on London's Cork Street, and again in 2006 at the Candid Galleries in Islington so it really has been an exciting few years!

I just love painting! And particularly enjoy painting female faces and you will see much evidence of this in my gallery!  My colourful, bold, somewhat graphic approach to my Today's Woman portraits has been popular amongst private collectors.  One of my favourite subjects to paint is Love & Romance and I enjoy the challenge of displaying emotion on canvas.  One very famous artist said that it was impossible to paint "love" and I believe that I am trying very hard to prove him wrong!  You will see that my gallery rooms show evidence of quite a diverse range of styles and subjects and I know that each painting has taught me something.  Along the route what has become clear to me is that my best paintings are the ones that I am most passionate about creating, and that passion and enthusiasm has to be present now in every painting I create.  I hope that is evident.

Taking the step into the art world for me has been overwhelming, it has been a real personal & emotional discovery and I only hope that I can continue to paint for as long as I possibly can.  Without painting and all that is art to me I would be lost and I can't begin to imagine the feeling of it not being there!

Tina Ashton
Tina Ashton
Tina Ashton
Tina Ashton

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