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My images are representational abstract, usually using acrylic on canvas based on spontaneous ideas which enter my imagination.
"To me painting is all about releasing and explaining feelings and emotions which otherwise would remain trapped inside me"
My interest in art started when I was a little girl, when I was noticing different shapes and figurative images on the ceilings and walls and sensing their artistic significance without realising exactly what it was.

Becoming inspired to draw only happened much later in my life. Being on holiday and seeing artists draw faces, painting whatever took their fancy, fascinated me and fired my desire to be able to draw and paint like they did.

In my twenties I finally started to draw seriously, doing portraits and abstracts.  

Again years later I started to paint with acrylic and it enabled me to commit my artistic fantasies to canvas. Circumstances conspired to prevent me from painting for nearly five years but then new inspiration struck and this is the basis of my work today.

It feels like there is simply not enough time to paint the backlog of ideas and fantasies which are piling up in my imagination; my passion is to convey the images in my mind accurately on to canvas.
Having recently participated in three local exhibitions, I am hoping to expose my work to a wider audience.
Marika Taylor
Marika Taylor
Marika Taylor
Marika Taylor

I am an ent...
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